Monday, August 20, 2012

Bed Pom Poms

When I saw these amazing "bed pom poms" over at the Be Different Act Normal blog (link), I know my life wouldn't be complete without them. I mean - pom poms for your bed? Brilliant! You may think I'm exaggerating (or perhaps sense a hint of sarcasm) but no - I really think these are the bomb. people still say that? Anyways - take a gander:


Ah! I knew I needed to work some more pom poms into the decor somehow and this certainly has to be it! Of course the lovely white and pink hued linens in the image above are substantially girlier than our current bedroom theme (actually this looks like something Lindsay would have) but I'm sure I can modify it to meet my needs! Yep. Giant, fluffy, full of texture and completely useless. Sounds perfect! Now what to make it out of...


  1. I can see it now. Hallett-brother pom pom fights.

  2. They're so cute! I need these in my life!


  3. could these be made with fabric so I could still grab it and TOSS it across the room? Yeah, I still do that. Yeah, I'm an adult.