Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Find: Handy Maiden

Today's find is the awesome handpainted miniature sculptures of Etsy's Handy Maiden (link)! I love their sweet colours, charming details, and folk art feel! Just look at these owl head pendants:


How lovely! Owls not your thing? Do not fear! There are many other creatures to chose from including ones turned into badges, earrings and brooches! Take a peek at some of my faves:

Oh the muted tones! It certainly makes me want to take out the clay and get creating but with Leslie, Neal, and Jean on their way to Vancouver I've got a ton o laundry and cleaning to do before my parents arrive tonight! What do you have on the agenda for the weekend?


  1. Wow, all of these are AMAZING! I obviously love the owl necklaces, but the award badges are amazing, and that little panda is adorable! You're so good at finding awesome things ^_^