Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yarny Moo!

I've been meaning to do a little moo reordering ever since I created my yarn themed illustrations last August and (more of less) a year later I finally got around to it! As always the products I ordered were top notch and I can't wait to share them this week at the market! Since I am still well stocked in business cards, I ordered some stickers and postcards to sell at my table! Take a peek:

Oh and don't forget the postcards! I decided to get my sea life and woodland creatures made into cards this time too since I've had a few requests this year:

Yay! I totally want to buy some frames next time I'm out shopping so I can put the crochet yarn balls up in my craft room! I really love framing cards as an inexpensive way to add some colour and art to a room and those little yarn dudes are just asking to be under glass!

For good measure I reordered loads of mini moo cards to make bookmarks from since I give them away with sales online and at shows. They're usually a pretty big hit so I decided since I'd stock up!

Usually I wrangle Lindsay into helping me hole punch, ribbon, and tie the bookmarks together, but sadly we're too far apart for slave labor (er...I mean friendly help?). Alas. Looks like I'll be spending a few hours on the couch with Jessica Fletcher instead! (In case you didn't catch that - I've been watching all 265 episodes of Murder, She Wrote for the last month and am totally hooked...) 

In the meantime I'm out selling at the Bastion Square Market again today and am hoping that the lovely weather and long weekend mean oodles of sales!  Oh, and in case you are craving your own amazing printed moo order take a gander at their site and enjoy 10% off from me (link)! Hooray!


  1. I'm totally up for slave labour. It will only cost you a plane ticket!

  2. I love moo! they did a great job on my business cards! I love the stickers and post cards you have!

  3. I love your illustrations<3 making postcards is a great idea !
    Hope you have a fun day (: