Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This little piggy went to market! BSSM - vol vi!

Another Sunday has passed us by and I was back at the market vending! Despite the pleasant looking forecast, it ended up being quite the windy day and since my booth is pretty much a plethora of light, airy, "I really want to blow away" items - I decided to bite the bullet and set up some wind walls. It is quite the dilemma when deciding to put on walls since these last two weeks I've had an end spot and the wall blocks the street view from the South side. I do, however, really enjoy having my goods stick around and not take random trips down the road with the wind so the walls went up and my stress level appreciated it! Hooray!

 I even got some time to do a little painting and brought some more wooden necklaces with me! Here are the mushrooms...:


 ...and two new circle pendants (back and front)!:

Yay! I love painting wood necklaces and although I got loads of nice comments on them I didn't actually manage to sell a single one. Alas. Looks like I'll have quite a few necklaces to wear this fall/winter! 

Despite the chilly wind, it was a pretty busy day at the market since the cruise ships were in town and there was a dragon boat festival going on! I had a fair amount of sales and met loads of fun people! I even got to test out my "follow my crafty adventures on my blog" line with my blogness cards and felt entirely less awkward! Yeah!

Apparently I was all about the food this week too since I got one delicious cup of CBC Blend tea from Murchies:

as well as an asparagus "dog" for lunch:

 Look bizarre? Well it should. It was totally weird but I do love my asparagus (or "spare guts" as I like to call it)! I will hopefully get a bit of crafting done this week before another one this Sunday! I'll be lucky enough to even have some pals visiting this week too so maybe they will bring the sales, good weather, and non-depressing "I can't believe I'm turning 28 on Saturday" vibes with them! Woo woo! 


  1. I'm so excited for a Lindsay and Kate (and Fraser)day! or two!

  2. It's all so beautiful! I wish I lived near you so that I could buy it all, especially those acorns! Also, then we could be best friends, because you seem really cool.

    Meanwhile, you are glad I DON'T live near you, since I'm clearly a creeper.

    The wall/wind dilemma was hard for me at the one show I've done so far too. All my stuff is tiny and lightweight, so I wanted people to see it, but I didn't want them to see it as it got run-over by a car in a nearby intersection. Sigh.

  3. Your mushroom necklaces are the cutest! I'm really suprised you didn't sell any, but I'm sure you will next time ^_^

  4. Didn't sell any? People are silly, those are super cute! Your booth looked awesome too!