Saturday, August 18, 2012

Do you enjoy the internet?

Back in the spring, I made some blog business (or blogness if you will) cards printed up from (link).  I was so excited to share my love for blog writing with anyone willing to let me bend their ear and have found them quite handy to carry around in my wallet.  Once I started doing markets this summer I figured it would be a great opportunity to share the cards again but since I only had limited numbers (unlike my ample supply of regular etsy shop cards) I'd just hand them out to interested customers.  It has, however, lead to some very awkward conversations of how exactly to bring up my blog.  

As Fraser (my loving booth mate) knows, I tend to have little spiels I go off on about certain items in my table and whip them out whenever someone looks interested in an item. For example - when someone picks up a pocket mirror I'll mention how they have little felt cases they come with so they don't get scratched in your bag! Checking out some stud earrings? Why the backings are coated with white gold so they don't irritate sensitive ears! Oh that E.coli plush tickles your fancy? He comes with a fun little fact card so you can learn about your germ! Yup - apparently that is the extent of my craft selling skills and although I often feel like a broken record (okay, I pretty much always feel like that) it's good info to know if you're wavering on buying something. I figure I just need to come up with some sort of spiel to go with my blogness cards with potentially interested folks before whipping out a card to pass along:

Unfortunately I am still feeling a little rusty with the blog introduction talk and usually fumble over something on the lines of, "Do you enjoy the internet? Check out my blog!". Oy. Do you enjoy the internet? Really Kate? Eugh. After five weeks of marketing with blogness cards I haven't got much better at selling myself but generally people who are super into the items on my table react well to my silly blog lines. I also seem to be fond of telling them how "I run a daily blog full of projects I never have time for!" Seems like an accurate description don't you think? Oh well. Maybe I will come up with sort of little sign to put with the card on my table...but in the meantime I'm sure I'll be asking many more strangers about their fondness of website browsing...Any thoughts?


  1. hey kate-

    my advice is be casual and yourself. i would probably have them out on the table and when someone goes to reach for one say, "Oh yeah! That's my blog. It's full my crafty adventures, shop updates blah blah blah..Check it out!"

    I think thats what I would do anyway =)


    1. That is a wonderful idea! I will have to try it out tomorrow! Oh and I haven't forgotten about the blog interview for next weekend! I'm trying to get some projects done and Monday I will hopefully email it out to you :)

    2. yay for the line working out for you!! just be yourself and people will love you and flock to your blog =)

  2. I love Absolutely love them and I love your cards.

    So, I have to tell a blog story that happened to me recently. There's a blogger from my town that I adore and I saw her shopping. I was so excited and I'm pretty sure I scared her. Anyway, the thing about blogging for me is I feel super close to people. They put their lives on the internet and anyone can read them. I just have to remember that blogging can be a one sided relationship.

    You're trying to build connections with you cliental and a blog is a great way to do that. I totally wish that I had been more casual when meeting her.

  3. What about a contest for customers who buy something at the market. If they comment on you blog by mentioning they saw you at the market then they can return next week for a surprise prize! OK, so that makes for more practicing of lines, but it would take your already interested clientele and get them reading your blog.

    Or, to be less complicated just say: "I think you will love these earings you ar buying (super trendy victoria girl). I'm working on a new line of studs and document the process on my blog. They are going to look like (this) and be awesome!" You should check it out!

  4. Well, I met you last weekend as I was browsing through the market with my wife. I was impressed with your ability to meld craft with MC Hammer references... I took this very card, and here I am today!

    Cards FTW ;)