Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Find: Heart and Craft

Even though my walls are fairly well stocked with art these days, the darling prints from Heart and Craft (link) make certainly make me want to add to my collection! I mean just check out those birds:


Ah! The colours, shapes, and use of white space are just perfect and the fact that they are little chubby birds makes this one irresistible! Not the bird print type? Not to worry - heart and craft has all sorts of neat paper products from prints and silkscreened items to garlands and stationary! Wowee! Now to figure out the perfect spot for this print so I can justify needing to purchase it...


  1. Nice painting of bird. Very simple and effective which can easily catch attraction of people. They can like it too much to see and enjoy it.

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  2. It's lovely! Love the colour combo too... I live in a rental house so can't put much on the walls but I know one day when I have my own place I'll paint the walls bright colours and laden them with art! x

  3. It's very cute! I also like the woodland heart in their store ^_^