Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Veggie August!

I may still be busy playing with my niece (er...I mean visiting with my sister....) but I managed to whip up a printable August calendar for everyone! This time I used one of the pre-made templates in the My Memories scrapbook software and changed it around a bit to be 1) cute and include veggies, 2) to be a calendar (duh), and 3) be colour coordinated! Yay! Here it is!

you can download me here!

 I am pretty happy with how bright and cheery it is and very summer like with some fresh market veg! Whip out those old cd cases and just print, cut, and assemble for your own upcycled calendar stand:

Woo woo! August promises to be a great month here in Kate-land with loads of markets, a nice visit from the family, and the anniversary of my birth! That's right  - come the 25th, this lady is turning 28! Eeps!  Hetty and Jim are both moving to town near the end of the month too! How exciting! What are your August plans?

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  1. You've succeeded in your goals - this is a super cute calender ^_^ I love that fat little eggplant!