Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wooden Gradient Blocks

Let the wood painting continue with this fabulous DIY from handmade charlotte (link)! I can think of one kiddo who is sorely in need of some of her own colourful gradient painted blocks and if shipping was less ridiculous in Canada I'm sure she'd already have some by now! Check them out:


Now there is one simple, quick, and wonderfully delightful project that is right up my alley! Just grab some blocks, make some muted tones (with different amounts of white stirred in) and get painting! Repeat on each side of the cubes and voila! Instant awesomeness! it isn't that instant, but it does look like fun! I'm sure you could turn this into some level of educational game but come on - they're blocks! Let's play! What do you think? Anyone want to make some with me?


  1. Shouldn't they have letters, numbers, and shoes on them? :)

  2. I like these! They look simple and fun ^_^

  3. If these were cover with a piece of glass and a coffee table!