Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Geometric Cork Board Hoops

When I saw this project over at Paint Me Plaid (link) - it was right up my alley! Let's combine three of my favourite things (geometric style painting, cork messaging boards, and embroidery hoops) and pow! - an amazing craft project is born:

Yup - pretty much the perfect project! I just need to get my hands on some cork to use and I'll be all over this one! I actually really wanted to put some hoops up in the bedroom to fill the giant blank wall behind our headboard and think working in some of these would be a great idea! We could even add little cards and notes that could change over the seasons! OoOo! I love it! What are your thoughts? Are you dying to get your cork, hoop, and paint on?


  1. Seriously, did you type "Kate's favourite things all combined" into google or something? Those really do seem like your thing. I like them, but would prefer them without the paint.

  2. Those are so cool! And I think they would be useful too ^_^