Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bizarre Bazaar - vol VI

Another week at the bizarre bazaar and another week of updates! Luckily jim was kind enough to help me upload the pictures I took onto his computer (since mine is on the fritz and macs don't seem to recognize my camera) otherwise we'd be suffering from a post with too much text and not enough imagery! And what a beautiful sight it was this week! Look at the wonderful flowers:

All that red and green sure pops! Even the geraniums look good, and I'm not a geranium fan. And since there was such a small turnout of artisans (only 4 of us when there are usually 13 or so) the rivertown players did their abridged fairy tale plays on the front grass:

What fun! As for my experiences this week - I had a great time hanging out with my mom who nicely set up my table while I was at a doctor's appointment. I also got some lovely visits from leslie, jim, and nick to top it off! Check us out:

Nice pose les, I warned you I'd be blogging about this. The buying traffic certainly surged this week with a nice radio advertisement in the morning leading to a day of great sales! I sold loads of plushies, pocket mirrors, post cards, and buttons making the day sail by smoothly. Oh, except for some massive threatening cloudy storms mid afternoon - which luckily passed before the show was over. The heat wasn't even that bad! What a success! This week I'm going to try to get more pocket mirrors and buttons made since the mirrors have been selling like hotcakes and I'm almost out of robots and labware pins! Exciting! Here's to hoping next week is as successful!


  1. My prediction is that the bizarre bazaar will finally get really busy by the time it's over (or the last week). It seems like word is spreading really slowly and that many of the other vendors you're working with keep flaking out, potentially ruining things.

    I still think we should have made Scientific Culture posters.

  2. I agree. We can long distance work on posters still! Just need some ideas...