Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Find: uncommon

Thanks to loads of late night etsy surfing I came across the lovely muted tone woodcut goods of uncommon. If you're an avid kate-reader I'm sure you can pick out my favourite from these items:

Did you get it? Did you see those doily coasters! Seriously the coolest product on the market if you ask me! If only I had enough money in my paypal account they'd be in the mail right now! But luckily my bday is just around the corner and nothing says 26 quite like some laser cute wooden doilies! I'm sure that's a popular saying right? Perhaps not...but in the meantime check out the implicitly simple amazing home decor treats uncommon has to offer. They are well worth a glance - even if it's only for fresh colour scheme ideas...

1 comment:

  1. I like the pins or buttons (or whatever they are) the most, though the doilies are cute too, I guess. But not as cute at the cupcake toque I knit! Check out my facebook page! Any chance you could research cool baby knitting patterns for me? Please, please, please :)