Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rags to Rugs!

Ever since lindsay pointed out some sweet blogs for me to check out, we've been planning to make crocheted rag rugs like in the blogs for our new places! And since wendy has also ventured into recent home ownership, we've made it a three person project where we'll all collect some old shirts and get crocheting! Even though I'm a master with a hook - I've never make a rag rug before so I was extra excited to find the awesome t-shirt yarn tutorial on pixies and bears:

Cool! Looks pretty simple and is certainly a perfect place to start on those rugs. Now we just need to get shirt collecting to have enough yarn for the project! Here's to hoping our creations look as fantastic as our inspiration rug over at resurrection fern (I love her kitty too!):

And if that crocheted masterpiece wasn't enough to drool over, she ended up making a second one and wonderfully photographed the whole experience. Let's observe...

Step 1) Washing and drying materials for the rug

Step 2) Turning material into yarn (made much easier with carol's tutorial!)

Step 3) Hook yarn into super rad rug!

Sweet! This certainly look doable! I'll be sure to take some pictures of our rag rug endeavor but I don't promise they'll be as wonderful as resurrection fern's. Time to get tshirt collecting ladies!


  1. The worn wooden table makes a great back ground for the rag rug. I also like how her feet are so nicely poised. Happy hooking, Mom

  2. Would this make you a happy hooker? Teeheehee.