Sunday, August 1, 2010

August! Oh my!

August is here! A wonderful month full of hot summer days (and nights), some extra fun live music, and the anniversary of my birth! Also a month with a new kittens inspired by kittens calendar page:

What fun! This month I've got some grandiose plans to craft up a storm, fit in a little relaxing time, and prepare for my move! Anyone have any moving tips for me? How about some fun August plans of your own? Oh - and if you'd like some fun august desktop calendars check out these (link 1, link 2, link 3)!


  1. I think you like August because it also has your birthday in it!

    Moving tip: Get rid of LOTS of stuff. I always end up saving things that I think I want/need, thus filling my new place with the same old junk I didn't want to clean up in the old place. Either have a garage sale or donate it to charity, but like a third to a half of your 'stuff' has got to go, in my experience.

  2. I like the birds post the best! I used to have a love of owls (still do) but I was showered with owl presents! I still like them but don't need any more owls..... or only if they are really cute! Mom

  3. i stumbled upon your blog...i love it! anyways..My tip for moving is to ASK FOR HELP! I tend to try to do it all and ended up in a pinch and totally exhausted when I could of had a few more family members pitch in and they were glad to actually do so! just my 2cents......

    August is my wedding anniversary & my brother-in-law is getting married this week. fun times!