Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smoked Out!

Another hot summer in the interior of BC means one thing - forest fires! And what comes with all the burning? A butt load of smoke! Ick! So no pleasant recap my wonderful sales at the bizarre bazaar this week - the smoke was so intense I opted to stay home and save my immuno-comprimised self! Seriously! The smoke was so awful it hurts your lungs! Air quality was a whopping 11 on the 10 point bad air scale! Ack! So I decided to snap some photographic evidence to share the hazy smoke-filled day with you. Lets go!

1) A nice stop for a scenic view of the valley that is kamloops. Oh my - what pretty greenery there is! But my goodness that sky is white:

2) What is supposed to be the lovely view - a huge plume of campfire smelling wood smoke. Bring on the zombie apocalypse:

3) This was when I realized that the last shot doesn't really give you a full feeling of how awful the air is because there aren't enough reference points to judge the distance from. So I took another one pointing up Columbia St. Yuck:

So much smoke! The wind direction hasn't really changed much since thursday so the smoke is still kicking around (did I mention it is from a fire like 3 hours drive away?) but there is rain in the forcast so let's hope that will clear things up a bit! Oh....perhaps there is already rain since I'm writing this friday to post sunday...which is when the rain is supposed to come. Hooray! Let's celebrate our lack of smoke then! And how I'm driving to vancouver today to do an epic ikea shop before moving into my new place next weekish! Yay! Happy Sunday to everyone!


  1. wow! that is one smokey sky, how yucky.
    i hear BC is beautiful though. i need to take a trip there one day.

  2. It's too bad you don't have some reference shots -- you know, ones with no smoke in them for comparison. Maybe you should recreate these same photos when the smoke is gone so people can really appreciate the difference.

    I thought most of the smoke was coming from William's Lake. Yuck. I'm sure glad it's not smokey here anymore! We only really had two days, and only one of them was terrible.

  3. God, that DOES look like the zombie Apocalypse. Those are some pretty brutal shots. Tell you what - I'll generously give you some of the rain we've been getting in Victoria.

    It's always good to share!

  4. Did you know that the smoke when eadt all the was to Winnipeg Manitoba!! That is three provinces east of here. I also heard it is closing in on Ontario. And the rain today did calm the smoke down. Mom