Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh pinking shears!

Last week amidst a day off filled with illness I decided to brighten up my day with a little trip to the craft store with mom. Well little did I know I'd come across the most amazing deal on the most amazing pinking shears! Yup - they're so rad I wanted to share them with you! Behold - my new fiskar's easy action pinking shears:

OoO! So exciting! And wonderfully marked down to the clearance isle (with additional special 20% off everything coupon). I'm not sure if you're a pinking shear user - but sharpness is a must and if you do a lot of felt cutting a good pair of scissors can make or break long crafting sessions. Once I got these babies home I tested them out on some scraps and my goodness - they are perfect! And you get the bonus of the cushy handle and spring action! I can't wait to get cutting all those darling little zig zags! Pinking shear felt is truly a fav of mine as you can see from my craft show products:

1) Pocket Mirror Cases (which I will soon be making loads more of with my new pocket mirrors on their way)

2) Felt Flower Brooches (that are sadly slow sellers but hold a special place in my heart)

oh! and 3) My felt flower embroider coffee sleeves....that I don't seem to have a picture of (but I assure you they're awesome)

And if you're not sold on felt pinking shear fun yet - take a look at the lovely heart pin tutorial from purlbee:

Cool! Love the colours too! And if you're not the heart brooch type (even if I am) I think it would be fun fill them with lavender and use them as panty drawer scent thingies! Because everyone loves pretty smelling undies! If you're not the lavender or panty type, you could fill them with cat nip and give them to evil kitties, or fill them with bounce sheet bits and hide them in your guy's stinky shoes! Oh endless possibilities! Hooray!


  1. I will have to borrow them when I have some "pinking"to do. I wonder why they are called pinking shears? Mom

  2. Good question, Mom! Let's see what wikipedia has to say...

    "The cut produced by pinking shears may have given its name to (or be derived from) the plant name pink, a flowering plant in the genus Dianthus (commonly called a carnation). The colour pink may have been named after these flowers, although the origins of the name are not definitively known. As the carnation has scalloped, or "pinked", edges to its petals, pinking shears can be thought to produce an edge similar to the flower."

    And now we know!!!

  3. YAY!! I am definitely going to buy myself a pair of these pinking shears!! I love playing around with felt and this makes it look so cute! I love your creations. They are lovely! :)