Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Find: Atomique 47

Although I usually do my friday finds with a lovely montage of items from the featured shop, I decided to shake things up today and show you just one item that embodies the awesomeness that is atomique47:

*Swoon!* Oh my I love this clutch! And for so many typical kate reasons (I often go on about):

1) Wonderful linen
2) Felt flowers
3) Jewel tone
4) It's a clutch!

Seriously - how can you get any better than that? The lining is even to die for! I'm officially in love. Atomique47 - you are one killer etsy shop! In fact you may outrun made by hank in my "obsessive bag craving" books...and you have loads of items in your shop! Oh dear!


  1. Wrist straps! They have clutches with wrist straps! Wait, they HAVE clutches. Soooo much better than madebyhank panic purchases! hooray Atomique47!

  2. that is completely cuteness!!!!!

  3. Pretty rad! I think you could make those. The felt flowers are pretty - the only hard part would be coming up with the fabric. You'll have to go to Dress Sew for sure!