Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pepsi Dude logo

The other day I was struggling with my dear old dying computer and was searching for an image of some button packaging. Seems random right? How does my eight year old PC have to do with packaging ideas? Well - I'm arranging selling some magnet sets wholesale to a new toy store opening in town and trying to figure out packaging options for the shop. I figure my button cards are great for post but not as good for a storefront! The shop owner asked me to send her a digital picture of my packaging idea but my digital camera won't connect to macs for whatever reason and since my PC is dead I ended up doing an internet search. Makes sense now right? I hope so!

Well amidst my internet browsing I came across the sweet art work of Lawrence Yang's blog blow at life and this pepsi logo image cracked me up:

I'm pretty sure that is all I am ever going to picture whenever I see that logo ever again! Too funny! The blog has some great sketches, doodles, and painting on there as well and I'm particularly tickled by the bear tower sketch. So cute!

Oh and as for my computer - I've purchased a new one and just waiting for it to finish being built. Thank goodness! I'll be back to digital picture wonderful blog posts soon enough! Yay!


  1. Sweet! I think it should probably be "Pepsi Logo Dude", but you're right. I'm definitely going to see it that way from now on.

    Good call on the new PC. Where did you order it from?

  2. I love the Pepsi dude too! Some people are so imaginative. (Like you Kate and Leslie). Mom

  3. That picture is hilarious!

    And..YAY for new computers!!!

  4. If this was a coke logo I know who you would be thinking about...