Thursday, August 5, 2010

the pen pal project

Many months ago I joined tea cups in peony's project pen pal where some pen pal seeking folks from across the globe signed up and got paired off to be random letter friends! (link). Well - I promised to keep you all posted on how it was going (notice the terrible pun I decided was so delicious I'd use it again) and...nothing ever happened! I got paired up with someone who never mailed me! Ack! What a disappointment! Well - fear no more. Luckily jen at IndieFixx has arranged a whole pen pal project group I have joined! Take a peek:

She started up this project around the same time as tea cups in peony's but had some issues with spammers using people's emails illegitimately (yuck)! Now she's relaunched the project in the form of a google group (go google go) giving me the perfect opportunity to jump in! All you need to go is join up with the sweet group and write a little post about yourself (spilling details on the kind of person you are, hobbies, interests, etc). Then you can search the posts for potential pen pals you'd be interested letter-ing with or let them find you! How awesome! So if you're a letter writing fiend like myself I totally encourage signing up too! Or even better - sign up and message me (since I imagine being interested in reading my blog must mean we have something in common)!! Here's to hoping this one is a success!


  1. I had a pen pal once and all she ever did was send me things. I don't think I ever received a letter. Now where is that kangaroo change purse. Mom

  2. Such a fun idea!!! I participated in Happy Mail in June and absolutely loved it! I still talk to my buddy. We had so much in common. We sent a letter and then a package full of goodies based on the survey we filled out. It is so exciting. I can't wait to hear what you thought of your experience, too.