Monday, August 2, 2010

Bizarre Bazaar - vol V

Since yesterday happened to the first of the month I missed out on telling you about how my crafty sales went last thursday at the bizarre bazaar! But I figure a holiday monday is practically a sunday (if you're in Canada at least), I'll spill the beans now! This week's recap also happens to be quite picture heavy too (hooray?) and instead of making them into a montage of highlights I thought I'd upload them individually so you can soak up all the craft show delights! Here we go:

First let's check out the surroundings of the biz baz since I don't think I've really shown you how pretty it is at the old court house! I mean look at those flowers!

I really liked the angle on that pictures and it really gives you a feeling of the glorious weather! Finally it is getting to be a hot sunny summer! And hey - even the heritage building looks good! I'm extra fond of the sky colour in this next shot:

Then we scan over to our right and spot my tent! I taped the pennant flags down to the string this time so they wouldn't all bunch in the wind. Can you see my table?

Uhh...maybe not...but those swirly flower beds look awesome. I'm the second in from the edge - prime location for all day shade (ideal for the pale skinned me) and still on the upper level (perfect for my terrible joints)! Yay!

There I am! I decided shorts and a tshirt was best for the 42 degree heat (and boy was I right!) and I even got a chance to sport a few of my new jewelery pieces I picked up two week ago in kelowna (link). It was actually pretty steamy hot the entire day and to top it off it was crazy smokey with all the forest fires in the area! You couldn't even see the mountains when I arrived! Luckily the smoke cleared up a bit as the day went on though - take a gander:

Whew! Welcome to a typical kamloops summer. On a positive note - I finished the love robot coffee sleeves I was working on at the last show and I got loads of great comments on them all day long! I love the feeling of re-stocked goods! They make the table look wonderful, encourage more sales, and let me cross off an item on my crafty to-do list! And boy they're cute!

This week I embroidered some caffeine molecules to restock those coffee sleeves and even though they haven't been selling particularly quickly at the show, the sleeves seem to get snapped up speedily when I put them on etsy. I decided to go try embroidering them on some mustard canvas instead of the denim and love how the stitching pops!

Oh! and I almost forgot! The ultimate highlight improvement to my table this week? Clamps!

Thank you so much wendy for such a fantastic suggestion! They successfully held my button board in place during those gusty bursts and left me worry and hands free to be productive! Yipee! Other highlights of the day included a wonderful set of folky/indie hits by a super talented young musician (clearly I forgot his name or I'd be dropping it right now), some new young faces to the biz baz scene (who asked me etsy/selling advice - don't I feel special), and a lovely visit with fraser and lindsay!

Sales this week were minimal (I only managed to sell a pocket mirror, some rings, and a set of postcards) so here's hoping next week is more lucrative. I actually managed to sell out of my love robot postcards so I've got more on reorder and still mulling through design ideas for my restocking on the pocket mirrors. Hopefully I'll have them in the works over the next week so my table will be full and inviting! I've also picked up a few supplies for a secret new item I've been working on so I'll be sure to reveal that more as it progresses! Well - I think that sums it up! Hope to see many of at next week's sale if you're in the area! And I'm always looking for craft show tips if you're got them!


  1. Neato. I'm off to Granville Island and Ikea today! Hope I find you a birthday present!

  2. You forgot to say that your great Granddad worked in the court house in the thirties. We have deep roots in Kamloops and Shuswap Lake. Mom