Saturday, August 7, 2010

cat versus human

I am very much a cat person and I'm sure if I lived in a world with unlimited funds, space, and no cat allergies I would own many, many cats and become a cat lady. I, however, hope never to become a crazy cat lady. The lovely blog "cat versus human" explains the difference quite well:

Here's to hoping that never happens to me...oh and that blog is wonderful. I totally recommend checking out all their sarcastic cat comics even if you're not into cats. It's that good.


  1. I love Percy and don't think I would want two or more cats. So I am a crazy cat lady with one evil cat. Mom

  2. I'm reminded of the crazy cat lady from the simpsons:

    "Bet you can't throw a cat over that building there..."
    "Bragh gah blah blah grah!" *throw*
    "Hunh. I stand corrected"

  3. But Kate, you DO like cake! And cats! And I've seen your hair before you spend copious amounts of time taming it.

    I'd estimate that you're around 78% crazy cat lady already, and you only have one (admittedly crazy) cat in the near vicinity!