Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letterpress Tin Clock Tutorial

I really enjoy buying stationary. Nothing perks up the day quite like a some freshly sharpened pencils and a stacks of fun greeting cards! And as an added bonus I get the joy of sharing my sweet paper finds with my penpals (and sometimes blog readers) too! Yipee! What fun! And now thanks to the awesome letterpress tin clock tutorial from design sponge I now have a new purpose for some of those rad unused cards. Take a peek:

Ooo! I really love this one. And all you need is an altoid tin (mom I know you like tin projects), a clock kit, a card (or other random art piece suitable for upgrade to clock status), and some tools! Then just ten steps and voila! Rad new clock! Perfect for your office, kitchen, crafting nook, or even babies room (hint hint leslie)! Man! You could even make one out of a scientific culture post card perhaps? (I'm thinking love robot)! Or maybe you could grab some felt and embroider a cool clock face!? Clearly I'm getting much too excited about this project (look at all those exclamation marks!!!) so time to stop brainstorming about the 17 new clocks I want to make and keep my eyes peeled for cheap clock kits. Maybe this could be a fun sunday afternoon craft party project once I'm settled into my new place? Sure! Who's in? Clocks for all!!!


  1. I think I already have a clock works in my drawer. So I am ready to craft. Mom

  2. I love it!!!! I might have to make this for my office!!!!!

  3. Alas, with no craft store in my town, I'd have to wait until someone bought and mailed the clock works kit to me to be able to make this... HINT.