Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bizarre Bazaar - vol VII

Time for another crafty show recap and the theme from week's bizarre bazaar? WIND! So much ridiculous wind! I suppose that is the price you pay for doing an outdoor show and boy was I ever thankful for those c-clamps wendy suggested a few weeks ago! My setup seemed to do okay in the wind but my poor construction paper pennant flag was shredded to bits by the end of the day. Take a peek at my windy booth (and me):

I did modify the table a smidge by taping down all the signage and moving the plush microbe teacup display onto the table (I already had one teacup smash in the wild weather back in july). I also changed the pocket mirror staging - which was pretty much necessary since there are so few left! Check out the slim pickings:

I'm so pleased to see how well they've sold! Those 25 mirrors quickly turned to 5 in no time! Look at how full the display used to be (link). Neato! My new mirror stock is in the process of being made but I'm doubtful they'll be ready before my next show...we'll see...

As for sales this week? Well I think that wind kept buyer at bay since I only managed to sell a couple of plush microbes. Not a complete loss of a day though since the extreme gusts forced us to close up a little early giving me time to go for dinner at the hot house bistro with lindsay and fraser! Yum!

The evening was topped off when the lovely mellow vancouver band behind sapphire played a set at hello toast!!! It was certainly a great location for their gig (especially for old ladies like myself who enjoy lattes and sitting) and gave me the opportunity to have some well overdue catching up with linds and wendy!

Oh it was so great! The band was fantastic live too (making it all the better)! I even ended up buying one of their tshirts (I am so not someone who goes to shows and buys the shirt) but it was such a steal and sweet sketchy ship design that I couldn't pass it up! I'm stoked to see hello toast as a new music venue since we're certainly overdue for a little more culture in kamloops. Thanks for the great night ladies! Hopefully we can do it again soon!


  1. We want to see the shirt!!!

    Also, I think you do pretty well selling as much as you do at the Bizarre Bazaar. It's very poorly advertised, and there never seem to be very many people there. Combine that with the fact that your merchandise fits into a narrow niche, and your "limited" success seems, well, not very limited! Hourly-wage-wise it's probably not the greatest, but you are learning a lot about craft shows and staging, in addition to getting your name out there.

  2. Hurray for any sales! Right. Mom