Monday, April 18, 2011

adventures in bird watching!

Two months ago I told you all about how I am going to embrace my old lady ways and add yet another hobby to my plethora of pastimes by taking up bird watching! (Don't recall? Not to worry - here's a link.) Well! I may not have found enough time to go out in the field with my non-existent binoculars, but I certainly did see a bird at my seed cone feeder the other day! I was so thrilled I called up fraser at work (he pretended to care) and then my mom (who may have actually cared) to tell them the good news! Jim (my partner in bird watching crime) came over to help me identify the exciting little chubby bird too! Woo hoo! Check out our friend who came to visit:

Pretty cute hey? Well un-excitingly, he turned out to be a house sparrow. Perhaps not exactly the rarest of birds to see - but I am stoked to see that seed cone get some use! The stealthy ninja birds in my neighbourhood managed to eat all of the suet brick feeder over the winter without me seeing a single one (oh except for that flock of black birds that one day) making spotting one on the seed extra awesome! While jim and I kept our eyes peeled to see if the little house sparrow would come back we saw another little chubby bird at the feeder! Take a gander at this beaut:

Wooo! My first day of attempting to bird watch and I got to see an adorable downy woodpecker! He had the cutest little spots on the backs of his wings and the red on the back of his head was so vibrant. How wonderful! Now I just need to find a little more time when jim is available and we'll have to do some more adventurous bird hunting (like where I'm not in my pj's standing at my kitchen sink). Oh fun! So what do you think? Anyone out there see any of these birds at your home?


  1. You could phone my mom. She would care. She is 70 years old.
    But cute pictures!

  2. That bird may have a boring name but it looks really cool! Congratulations!

  3. My ongoing bird watching and listening is male sparrow singing his heart out trying to attract a mate. He goes from the bird house by the raspberries to the one by the patio. I am starting to feel sorry for him. His song does perk up my days though. Mom