Wednesday, April 13, 2011

brooch week! day 3 of 7

I think today's felt brooch just might be my favourite so far. I'm loving the geometric shape trend happening in the crafty world these days and it is super fun to combine abstract coloured felt triangles - check it out:

Ooo! I just love those colours (yet again showing that wool felt is awesome)! Once I actually got to executing my triangle brooch design it did prove to be very time consuming - just look at all those little stitches and thread colours:

Whew! I definitely think this brooch will have a higher price tag when I list it in my etsy shop but all that labor deserves recognition! Actually, I'm sure if I worked out how long I spend on any of my crafting projects I'd be making slave wages but I don't think a huge hourly wage is really the point of handmade crafting. I really love being able to sit down and make something with my own two hands - especially if it's something that turns out like this geometric brooch! I may be forced to make another one of these pins for myself once brooch week is over because I really think it would be perfect with so many of my outfits. What do you think of it?

Oh and while we're at it, let's look at the progress so far:

Four more brooches to go! How have you been enjoying the pins so far? Any favourites?


  1. while i love that cute little stegosaurus, this one is my favourite too! :)

  2. I like this one, but I like the others more. I just can't get past the non-symmetry. Must be because I'm out of the loop on craft trends!

    Handcrafted things are amazing. I love making stuff, too.

  3. these are just too cute!

    can't wait for the rest of the week :)

  4. All your creations are wonderful. What is next dare I make a guess? Mom

  5. The stegosaurus is adorable! Look at how happy he is!

  6. The dino is still my favorite!