Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Find: postcards from

Instead of my usual friday find feature where I ramble about some etsy shop I'm in love with, I thought I'd switch it up a bit and do a post about a blog instead - because after all, this blog did come to me under extraordinary circumstance (well...sort of). On with my story.

A few weeks ago my boss told me he hired two new girls at work - sarah and kate. Our store is already plagued with sarah's (new sarah being our 4th) and I wasn't particularly thrilled with having another kate (since, if you weren't aware - that's my name). No big deal - I'm sure we can figure it out, and new kate will just have to suffer with the awful fate of being branded by her initials. The new hires started, were truly wonderful in every way, and I quickly learned that new kate is actually a kate m. Rats. I'm a kate m! Now what are we going to do? *Sigh* I'm sure it will work out and someone will get a nickname somewhere along the lines (even if we don't have jacob to invent them anymore).

So the work weeks passed, I got the pleasure of getting to know new kate m a little better and I heard that she runs a blog. Oh! I run a blog! What are the chances? Kamloops is a pretty blog-free city for the most part. What fun! I tried to nonchalantly pry info out of her to creep on her site after work and the verdict? I've been reading kate's blog for many months now. Crazy! What a small world! She does a wonderful job of tip toeing around any details about her location so I guess I'm not a complete fool for not putting two and two together - but when I told some work mates about the funny coincidence they wanted to know how it is that I didn't recognize her. Well...I'm not sure. I do read a lot (I'm talking 350+ blogs) so I can't be expected to remember every last detail right? Ah well, regardless, kate is a wonderful new addition to my day job and a wonderful addition to the world of fashion blogs! Take a moment and check out the awesomeness that is kate m's postcards from. Here's a little montage for you if you're short on time:

I love reading (well...more like looking...) at fashion blogs and kate's is no exception. She has a wonderful sense of humor and style and inserts little snippets of her lovely witty personality in every post. Her images are dreamy with lovely colour schemes that romanticize the usually blah looking semi arid desert that is kamloops! She inspires me to toss out all my ill fitting pants and stick to skirts/dresses with tights year round and totally makes me want to grow out my hair (which, for the record, is probably not going to happen since my red tresses are way too thick for me to deal with). Wonderful! Maybe one day I'll throw some fashion posts into my usually strictly crafty blog...but for now I'll just stick to reading about outfits...


  1. How nice to find a blogger that you like. Mom

  2. Your hair wouldn't be any thicker than hers.

  3. Eeep. THANKS KATE!! :) I loved this feature and you are such a doll. Still cant believe you already followed my blog. Such a small world! xo

  4. yeah that was a nice one to send to my friend...