Tuesday, April 12, 2011

brooch week! day 2 of 7

Hooray! Tuesday has arrived meaning it is time for my second installment to brooch week! Today's brooch is taken from one of my button illustrations and boy is he ever a cutie. Take a look at steggy the felt brooch stegosaurus:

Ah! So cute! And since no one was actually around during the times of the dinosaurs I feel the gray/teal felt colour could totally be an accurate representation of the stegosaurus right? Ok - so I'm stretching a bit, but I do love that teal wool felt! I totally want to buy some more of those felt squares online too. Even though they are like 300% more expensive than the acrylic felt you can get at craft and fabric stores it is totally worth it. It is magnificent to work with and I am completely in love with the wonderful colours it's available in. Let's take a closer look at steggy brooch:

Hehe! When I showed leslie this pin she told me he was suited for a child more than an adult and that she would only wear it if she was teaching elementary school or feeling particularly whimsical. I'm not sure about you, but I would totally wear this pin with almost any outfit and even if it is a little silly (and adorable if you haven't noticed) that's all part of that fun of accessorizing! What do you think?

Let's look back at the brooch progress so far:

Okay so there is a lot of blank space in that image but we've still got 5 more days and 5 more pins to go! See you tomorrow!


  1. Well I would wear it but then I have a little dinophile in my house. In fact I'm keeping her out of the room right now so that I'm not deluged with. "I want that!" over and over and over. When are you putting this guy in your shop?

  2. So cute! I would wear it but I am weird. Or maybe a trend setter - ha - ha. Mom

  3. This is adorable- what a cute idea!

  4. Looooove Steggie. I wants one! Let's make brooches when I visit in May. Or, you could make brooches and I'll knit slippers. Deal?

  5. My plan was to post the brooches up in my shop in the morning but with my schedule morning is more like noon. This weekend will be a bit off because I am going out of town so likely saturday's brooch will be listed really early and sunday's will be listed late at night.

    And yes leslie - sounds like a plan! Knit slippers here I come!

  6. Dear God that dino is the cutest thing EVER!

    I'm loving this brooch bonanza - Kinda encourages you to stretch your creative fingers - Perhaps I'll have to try it out myself!


  7. Eeep! It is so cute! I would so buy & wear that, and everyone would be jealous of the awesomeness ^_^