Sunday, April 3, 2011

pinteresting projects

Even though I had heard about the wonders of pinterest before, after lindsay convinced me to sign up for an account I never really put any time into pinning. After my show was over I decided I'd take some time to recover from the last few months of frantic crafting and thought I'd give pinterest another try. The verdict? I am addicted! If you aren't sure what pinterest is (i.e. mom and other folks not up with the hip trends of the internet), it is a website where you can create your own virtual bulletin board! You just add the "pin it" link to your browser's toolbar and whenever you see a project or inspiring image on the internet you can pin the image to one of your boards on your account. How wonderful! You can follow friends (or inspiring strangers) and their boards too! I've really been enjoying searching through the popular DIY pins on the site and am feeling extra inspired to start even more little craft projects! Check out three projects I'm drooling over at the moment:

1) toilet paper roll artwork

All you need are some old paper tubes and some glue and you've got it! This looks like a super fun project once you've collected all the supplies and best of all once you get sick of it you can just throw it in the recycling! Perfect!

2) yarn wrapped block stamping

This pin actually comes from the yellow owl workshop printing book (that I bought online and still haven't found time to dive into). Another powerful yet simple project where you use yarn to make stamps! I really love the texture the block prints create and the options are limitless with a little imagination!

3) dino tails

I recall lindsay telling me about this project but once I saw the image of it I fell in love! What a cute idea for the kids and as soon as my niece jean is old enough to appreciate this I'm sure I'll be whipping one up! After all...I do seem to be giving her all sorts of dinosaur themed presents...

Anyone else out there into pinterest? What neat projects have you discovered? How are you dealing with the time sucking powers the pages of amazing images seem to hold? And if you aren't pinning things yet, I totally recommend it - and you can follow me while you're at it! Hooray!


  1. All three projects look great. When I have more time I will look at the web site. Mom

  2. It would so much better if Google Chrome wasn't stupid and I could figure out how to get a bookmark bar to show up at all times. *sigh* I installed the pin it button in firefox, but I only use it once a month or less, so you may not be seeing all that much on my boards.

  3. These are neat- I love the simple materials, when you get up close it's like "aHA!"

  4. Three of those tails are on the way. Thank heavens for pinterest (and exclusivity of the invite). As for the time sucking nature? I get ten minutes on the actual site and I skim the pictures like so that only the best stick out. When I'm pinning I never follow the links back to the site, I just keep on inter-netting.

    Sorry I missed you yesterday, my folks came back in the afternoon (my mom too!).