Thursday, April 14, 2011

brooch week! day 4 of 7

Back to more wide set eye smile cuteness today with another button illustrated inspired design. Take a look at felt brooch acorn:

Hehe! Such a cutie I really love how acorn turned out. He's perfect for anyone who enjoys nature, oak trees, the outdoors, or at least pretends to! Perhaps he is a little larger (and more smiley) than his real life counterpart but he does have some fun cross hatch stitching on his little acorn hat:

Man acorn is darling - and a perfect match to go with the other brooch week friends:

More than half way done the week! Stay tuned for more brooch felt fun tomorrow...


  1. Yay for cross-hatching! I love tree-themed crafts, so this acorn fits the bill. So awesome.

  2. he just makes me so happy. cheery little guy.

  3. I'm a big fan of his little acorn hat texture. Can't wait for tomorrow's broach. :)


  4. Wonderful! Your acorn is adorable and I think my favourite (canadian spelling again). Mom

  5. Love the happy acorn, so cute! :)

  6. eeek! so cute!
    loving all these great brooches :)