Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Weekend

With the easter bunny's arrival just around the corner (except not really in my case since I doubt there will be an egg hunt in my household), I thought I'd share this adorable bunny garland from hello clementine:

I just love the fun characters and colours of each bunny and I think this would look great in a kids room year round! I am especially fond of the little glasses wearing bun:

Hehe! So cute! Best of all it's sold as a pdf printable meaning you almost instantly receive it with no shipping cost! Then you can mix and match all your bunny outfits, accessories, and patterns to create a garland just right for you! Hooray! Plus it's only $6 so it won't even break the bank! What fun! Do you have any big plans for the easter weekend?


  1. I am planing on coming to your house for Easter dinner. Those bunnies are super cute. Mom

  2. Hehe! You'd better organize a hunt for all those in-laws! I love the bunnies, and might actually buy this for Jean's room. I'd need you to mail me your printer first though. Seriously.