Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Find: Seven Olives

I used to really enjoy meeting other crafty folks in etsy's chat rooms and even though I haven't found a ton of time to spend in there, I still very much enjoy the seldom occasions to chat. The other day I was working on my taxes (eugh) and quickly realized that my crafty efforts have really switched from etsy sales to craft shows and that I need to put a little more time into my dear old etsy shop! Back to the chat room I went and came across the wonderful illustrated goods of seven olives! I instantly fell in love with her adorable avatar and super charming shop banner:

Isn't it awesome? I love that style of illustration! I'd love to see her do children's books but in the meantime I'll stick to drooling over her great items in her shop:

Climatology (well...clouds anyways), pets, and tea! What else could you ask for? I definitely recommend taking a browse of seven olives great products and if you ever see her illustrating kids books let me know...I'll be sure to pick those up to! Happy Friday!


  1. I'd buy kids books illustrated by her too! I love the teacups, even though it does remind me of a stack of unwashed dishes (these are a big problem at my house). The pig is whimsical!

  2. I agree with Leslie. Jean can alway need a new book. Maybe the publishing process is difficult. Mom