Saturday, April 16, 2011

brooch week! day 6 of 7

Brooch week is rounding down to a close and today's pin is my sister's personal favourite. Check out my bird and birches pin:

That gray/teal felt from steggy has returned in a nice nature inspired piece. I really wanted to make a tea cozy or coffee press cover using this birch design I've been thinking about for a while now but the time crunch for my last craft show was just too much to start playing around with new designs. I really wanted the trees to pop on a dark background and I think the bird adds a nice detail and asymmetry which is lovely. I'm also really enjoying the colour combination. Let's take a closer look:

Have I mentioned how much I'm loving wool felt? Ok, yes, I've said that a few times now but I haven't gushed about how amazing using my new spring loaded super sharp crafting scissors are (pictured up in the corner of the brooch week banner)! What a great investment those were and they are dramatically cutting down on my crafting injuries. They are so nice on my old lady arthritic hands and wrists meaning I can just keep on creating! Woo! Let's check out how that brooch collection is coming along:

Eee! Only one more day to go! How have you been enjoying brooch week? What do you think of them?


  1. Hrmph. Blogger won't let me click "awesome" more than once :(

    In other words, YAAAAAAY! And I wants it!!! This is the perfect piece of Canadian wilderness on a brooch. And I love the pretty teal background. I know my birthday is over for this year, but Mother's day is only a few weeks away, and I AM a mother now :)

  2. Oh, I missed the acorn post! That is the cutest! I want one!