Sunday, April 17, 2011

brooch week! day 7 of 7

Looks like sunday has finally arrived meaning it is the last day of brooch week. I've really enjoyed sharing my creative accessory challenge with all of you and although I feel like these last 7 posts have been a smidge repetitive I have really been treasuring all your thoughts and comments. The final brooch in the collection is yet another illustrated character favourite of mine - sophisticat:

Oh hello there! My mustache cat buttons have been quite the popular seller in my shop and at shows and for a good reason! I mean felines and facial hair? Double win! I really enjoyed making sophiticat brooch and am loving the gold monocle stitching and pointy 3D whiskers:

Of course the wide set eyes and tiny little smile are still up there in my books too. What do you think of him?

And since it is sunday that also means that I successfully completed my brooch a day challenge! Let's look back at how the week of pins has progressed:

What a fun bunch of brooches! Which one was your favourite? Any suggestions for any other brooch designs I should get to work on? Are there any of my illustrations you're just dying to see in felt pin form? I'd love to hear suggestions...that and I really need some new craft projects to do fill that "my hands like to be busy all the time" void...


  1. Pretty cute! You already know which is my favourite... in fact you blogged about it yesterday. I'm kind of sad that brooch week is over. You should do a weekly craft challenge more often - like every week! It's not like you have anything else to do :) Bwahahahahaha!

    (Well done)

  2. I love the cat but if I were buying one I would pick the flower. I guess I am in agreement with Leslie except for the do a challenge every week. That would be just too darned hard. Love you. Mom

  3. hahaha- you really saved the best for last! Love the cat mustache, almost as much as the acorn!

  4. Eeep! That cat is so much awesome! I love the monocle ^_^

  5. So cute! What are the whiskers made of?

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! I will try to do more challenges on the blog b/c I really enjoyed this one and I think my readers did too!

    Marci - those whiskers are just embroidery floss that I glued to make stiff. You can also wax them with a little rubbing from candle wax to get the same effect (but I didn't have any candles around). Hope that helps!

  7. My favourite is the dinosaur, hands down! (But they're all darn cute!)