Saturday, April 9, 2011

getting to know all about me

The other day jess tagged me to write a blog post relieving seven random facts about me. I've been reading lots of posts like these around the blogosphere and am thrilled to finally be invited to participate in one! Let's go and learn about me (list time!):

1) Even though I imagine myself as a brunette I am most definitely a red head. I spend a ton of time straitening my naturally wavy, crazy thick hair and it has become like a trademark. There have been numerous occasions where friends have told me that they recognized me from miles away because of my hair. I've never dyed it and it grows so quickly that I get it chopped off quite often. It's a love/hate relationship but there are certainly worse things to be known for than a perfectly styled hairdo:

2) I'm a firm believer in retail therapy. Buying stuff fixes all problems (well almost) and online shopping is particularly exciting because it allows me to get cool stuff I couldn't find in town and means I get mail! Double win!

3) I am a motion sickness disaster. I can get nauseated after being in a moving vehicle for five minutes and often suffer from spouts of vertigo. Even though I've experimented with all sorts of motion sickness remedies nothing seems to do the trick and it strongly inhibits my ability to travel. Luckily, british columbia is the most awesome place to live and vacation in so all my trips are short lasted. Once I arrive at my destination (be it by bus, car, boat, or plane) it takes me a while for the sick feeling to pass - and leaves me somewhat unpleasant:

4) I have an ongoing love affair with music. Its complicated and involved. I absolutely love going to live shows even though I often miss out on actually seeing the bands because my eyes are closed as I sing/dance/clap along. It took me three tries to actually see the wooden sky and the great bloomers. About a boy should have taught me to avoid the eyes closed singing bit but I still feel compelled to turn up tracks (esp. mumford & sons) and eyes closed sing along to loads of songs during road trips.

5) I struggle with numerous health problems which have set back my plans for career advancement. I actually started etsy selling after I had thoracic surgery to remove a soft ball sized tumor from my chest and had loads of time on modified bed-rest (perfect for crafting!). I try to maintain a super positive outlook on life (since dwelling on bad things really doesn't get you anywhere) and have a wicked awesome scar down my side:

6) I'm all about making a fool of myself and acting exactly how I feel. I've come to the conclusion that if someone isn't going to like me for the way I am then they really aren't worth knowing or keeping in my life. Bring on the kitchen dance parties and bold accessories!

7) Sometimes I wish I was photosynthetic.

On second thought...maybe the green skin deal would be less than ideal...

This is the part where I'm supposed to pass on the 7 random facts challenge and I thought I'd suggest three lovely ladies from austin to join in on the fun since (bonus random fact) when I was little my dad and I would order texas tourism books to learn more about such an awesome state! So if you're up for it - I'd love to read more about:

marci - from it's always something
velma - from geek inspired and
aj - from aj the purple!

I hope you enjoyed my little random details - any thoughts?


  1. That is one badass scar!!! Holy wow - It's awesome seeing someone who has been through so much come out more positive than ever! You are definitely role-model material :)

    Aaaand I literally laughed out loud at the photosynthesis comment - Great picture!

  2. A lot I didn't know about you! I think it would depend on the shade of green, I think a deep rich emerald would really play up your red hair.

  3. I love your red hair! It always brought nice compliments and since you were a shy child you didn't like the attention. Your are a wonderful person and a talented crafter (artist). I love you!!! Mom

  4. Motion sickness? What the hell? Is that why you THROW yourself out of cars and lie on the grass every time arrive anywhere?
    I love your positivity. You keep my whiny self in check.

  5. Ditto on the whining. Speaking of whining, I have a diaper to go change. WHINE WHINE WHINE. Maybe you learned it from me! That scar is awesome, but the worst is how the tape ate your skin around the bandage. I should go beat up the hospital for that!

  6. you are 179 different kinds of awesome. xxoo

  7. Nice blog title, by the way. Now I'll be singing that song in my head all day. Guess it's better than what had been in there previously - "Joshua Giraffe" alternating with "Friday." Ugh.

  8. I knew all of these except for the photosynthetic one. Guess we wouldn't have to worry about gluten anymore... :P


  9. That is indeed one badass scar!

  10. Can I just say I absolutely LOVE that your mom commented? :D so cute. What a great post. and that is one epically badass scar. Science fiction worthy in my opion. You should make up some great story about it. Preferably involving aliens. Or robots. :D Thank you for sharing.

    PS. You are automatically awesome in my book bc your name is Kate, it truly is the best name hehe!

  11. Ouch - that sure is an impressive scar! I feel you with the motion sickness ... do you ever feel sick from watching movies with "jumpy" car chases or playing Mario Kart? >_< I will never be a race-car driver! But that's ok, because I don't really want to be ^_^

  12. I have to say- I think that scar is awesome. I really think scars are cool and I'm always afraid I'll offend someone who has painful memories over a scar because I"m like "oh, COOL!"

  13. Great scar! I have a wicked one, too, for scoliosis. Minus the staples, though.

  14. I love your red hair! love the other interesting things - you are an interesting gal!

    And am truly honored to be asked to post 7 things about me =) you are too sweet!!

  15. YAY!!! I love these posts! I'll be sure to post mine this week! I have to take some time to come up with seven things about myself! :)

  16. this was great!!! thanks so much for playing along ;) keep being awesome