Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rainbow fun!

With spring in full swing I've been spotting lots of fun rainbow themed projects around the internet and I'd love to share a few with you to brighten up your thursday! Let's go!

Rainbow fun #1 - organized crafting area from pinterest! I would love to say my crafting nook is this neat and colour coordinated but sadly I am far from this level. It is certainly fun to dream/drool over though! (I'm particularly jealous of those coloured tapes)

Rainbow fun #2 - candy wrapper pouch tutorial from punkin patterns! This project looks like a ton of fun and gives me the wonderful excuse to go out and eat some candy! I think it would be a ton of fun to make for the kiddos or keep for yourself. Plus little zippered pouches always come in handy right?

Rainbow fun #3 - Nyan Cat video. My sister posted this on my facebook wall a few days ago and insisted that I watched the entire thing. You certinaly don't need to sit through 3:37 minutes to see how cute this one is (and how catchy that song is!) I love the little tail and feet running - but it does make me wonder why that kitty has a poptart body....enjoy:

Hooray! Happy thursday everyone!


  1. I wondered about the poptart body too!

    I love that organized craft area. It reminds me that I wish I lived in a brightly coloured and well-organized stationery store. Sigh.

  2. I would love to have my sewing room look like that - or at least be able to se the floor. I am packing up my sewing room so you Dad put in a new floor and paint it. I boxed up seven boxes of material and have just dented the shelves and piles and still have a long way to go. Mom
    P.S. I have found lots of fabric I don't remember!!!

  3. Have you ever stuck an (empty) chip bag in the microwave? I'm not sure why the skittles bag reminded me of that...

  4. Ooh, when I took a fire safety course as part of the summer student job at the pipeline, our instructor told us that a bag of chips (not empty) is a really good thing to start a building on fire with. Random arson? Weird!

  5. Rainbow stuff! I love rainbow stuff!!!! Looks lush :-)

  6. It's not a pop tart, it's a piece of buttered toast strapped to the cats back :) Think about it.