Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Find: pool pony & april!

This week's find is etsy's pool pony design - a shop that makes super cute modern styled prints in amazingly fabulous colours. Just check out the chubby bird conversation going on in this print featured in an etsy success email:

Oh those colours! I just love the muted tons and gray tone neutrals! Plus since I've already predicted geometric prints to be all the rage for 2011 the conversation bubble fits in nicely to the crafty trends! Hooray - and if you like slightly more stylized images check out pool pony's fox, bird, cat prints:

How cute! At first I was a little shocked to see so few sales from such a charming shop - but they just opened for business a week ago! No wonder! Now I just need to get myself a house and an unlimited budget and I'll be all over these prints! In the meantime I'll stick to drooling over them. What do you think?

In other news! It's april! At last the month has arrived where the weather actually starts to take a turn for the warmer and the layers slowly peel off (well...not really...I'm usually cold no matter the temperature...). This month I plan to keep busy working on my own crafty projects, potentially playing around with blog design (I bet I'll be saying this often and then never get to it), and *exciting news* making a large crafty purchase! I'll be sure to keep you posted as the buying progresses! We even get to celebrate the new month with a new playlist! When I was compiling this month's soundtrack it was pretty much a direct copy of hey rosetta's new seeds album (which doesn't offer much variety now does it?), so I threw some old favourites on there for good measure! Happy april everyone! What are your big plans for the month?


  1. Those are some mighty appealing colors! April plans?
    So far I haven't given it much thought, Maybe I get busy in my sewing room and clear up all the project I have started. Mom
    P.S. Don't hold your breath!!

  2. I'm going to head outside as much as possible and get ready for my May trip!

  3. These are awesome! I slightly prefer the more stylized ones, but they are both super cool!

  4. these are fabulous!! I love your blog :)