Wednesday, April 6, 2011

more chalkboards

Apparently I am set on making my own chalkboards. After already writing three blog posts where I oozed about how great chalkboards (and chalkboard paints) are (one, two, three), I found this blog post saved in my drafts section to write about at a later date:

Sparkle power - you have totally renewed my interest in chalkboard making! Just check out those sweet frame colours and just think of the possibilities with those blank canvases (well..boards?) What fun! Even etsy is all about the chalk fun with their featured seller post on playing grown up featuring a whole slew of chalkboard products! Finding fun old frames to paint up is certainly back on my agenda. How about you? What do you think of chalkboards?


  1. Ooo, I love the colourful frames! I love chalkboards - I love painting things with the chalkboard paint as well ^_^
    We don't have a "proper" coffee table, but we do have two vintage suitcases and the wooden back of a mirror that I painted to make a chalkboard - we put them together and have a low table that is easy to decorate with pretty borders and the like. It always ends up with silly drawings and geeky TV show quotes on it though ^_^
    I want to get a cheap globe to paint with chalkboard paint next ... so many possibilities!

  2. They're awesome! I was just looking at a chalkboard-type doodle mug at nood and a big chalkboard ring (that you can actually write on). So cool. I wonder if my old chalkboard is still at mom and dad's house. Also, I like that all the chalkboards you've shown are actual black blackboards, but I like the green ones too. If I were going to paint a wall with chalkboard paint for my kid (and me) to play on, I'd do it in old-school chalkboard green.

  3. I am sure your chalk board is some where in the house, Leslie. You know I never throw anything out! Hope you read this. Hi Kate. I don't want you to feel left out. Mom

  4. these are fun- they must be pretty easy to make too, right?