Monday, July 18, 2011

All the cute!

After examining my Pinterest "cute" board I came to a stunning realization (well not shocking at all really...) I really enjoy kitties inside things. Behold:

That last one pretty much makes me melt into a puddle of kitty cuteness. In other news, I really want to get a westie. Not only would Fraser potentially not be allergic - but I could name him Wee Jock. He even looks good with the decor:

Okay - so a dog is far (far) in the future when I have more time/money/space but a girl can dream.

Oh! And to keep up with the trend of my post from last Monday, I picked another random blog commenter from last week to receive a wonderful "thanks for reading my blog" button as part of my "I appreciate my readers" giveaway! Congrats to Lisa from Tea and Craft who will be the lucky recipient of a Kate-made button. Want to join in on the free stuff action (that will be happening all summer long)? Great! Just keep being awesome, reading my ramblings, and commenting on my posts! I'd love to hear from you!


  1. those kitties are very cute.

  2. Cats are so funny! That second picture cracked me up! Who am I kidding? All of them made me laugh! :)