Saturday, July 16, 2011

Star Trek Nyan

For all of you out there that enjoy:

1) Star Trek
2) kitties
3) rainbows
4) cuteness
5) annoyingly catchy songs


Ahahaha. I really love that video. You may remember the original nyan cat video I blogged about back in April (link) but I think I may like this one even more! When I tried to show my friend Jim he told me that, "Kate that is old news. Get with the times." Well if you're up with all the internet videos I am sorry to repeat it for you, and if not, hopefully you laughed as hard as I did and have yourself a wonderful Saturday! Today I am attending an outdoor wedding reception! Woo hoo! Hooray for the weekend!


  1. Yeah. This video is made of awesome. And don't worry about being behind on the internet times. It just means that you have a life. :)

  2. Kate, even I have see that before!! (Don't know when or where (okay where on the computer) !