Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY skirts

As usual (or at least the trend so far this year) I was beat after another Artisan's Market yesterday that instead of spilling the details on the day, I'll share a different project with you - this time about skirts!

I'm a skirt addict. Sure pants have there place in my wardrobe, but I have a special soft spot for a nice knee length number with a pair of flats! I think this guest post from Kayla over at Clothed Much says it best. You may think those jeans are the most comfortable thing around but try on a nice breezy restriction free skirt on and you'll soon change your opinion! I personally have a hard time finding anything other than jersey cotton skirts that fit me in the shop but luckily (dun dun dun!) the internet comes to my rescue with a whole slew of wonderful skirt tutorials! Let's check out my top three I'm drooling over:

1. Sew a full gathered skirt from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing:

This two step tutorial takes you through the steps of creating your own pattern and turning it into one amazing skirt! Although I'm sure the zipper from their instructions may be a bit of a challenge for the sewing impaired there are loads of images with the DIY and room for alteration!

2. Very Simple Skirt Tutorial from Sweet Verbena:

Similar to the "if you can sew a straight line you can make this" skirt video I posted about a few days ago, this pattern looks easy-peasy! Grab some fabric you love (or two pieces in this case) cut it into a huge rectangle and throw some elastic on there! No zippers, hook and eyes, or buttons required! The super soft jersey fabric in this tutorials also leaves less bulk around the waste (easily concealed by a belt) and no need for hemming! Double win!

3. Striped and Gathered Skirt from Say Yes to Hoboken:

Even though you'd think I'd want to keep horizontal striped far away from my already pear shaped bottom half, this striped skirt is just too charming to resist! I love the classic shape and lines this skirt creates and is only a five step process! I also really enjoy how she made the piece using Ikea fabric too. Who doesn't love Ikea?

Looks like I need to get fabric shopping and sewing! Or (more likely for my limited time schedule) thrift shopping for more fun skirts to work into my summer wardrobe! At last we're finally getting some summer heat around here so I had better soak it all in before fall hits us and it's back to loads of layers! Happy Sunday!


  1. The skirts do look appealing. Mom

  2. Oh - I love all of these! I brought some nice cotton fabric the other day, and am going to attempt my first skirt this month! How exciting ^_^ Also, thank you so much for my badge! I am going to blog about it, but I have been caught up in family things for the last week ... but I'll be back on the wagon soon! (I hope!!)