Saturday, July 30, 2011

this picture tells 3 tales

Just the other day I saw this lovely post over at Freckled Nest where Leigh Ann put up one picture and told three different stories associated with it. I thought I'd join in on the fun (I am always up for new blog post ideas) and do the same! Let's go!

1. I originally made a felt Totoro brooch during my "mini break crafting" posts while I was away on a cruise. The first pin was such a hit that it sold almost immediately after listing it! Hooray! Last week I got an etsy message asking if I would make another one for her Totoro loving daughter and (always eager to please) I did! I even made two spares to sell just in case someone else needs a little hand-stitched Studio Ghibili fix.

2. To fill my upper level non-science credits in university I took Geography 390 "Selected regions of geography - Japan." I signed up for the class because one of my BA friends told me the prof was fun and there were no pre-requisites! Yay! Ever since I have been spouting off random facts about Japan and often get questions if I've lived there. (No, I haven't, but I do love their animation style and the Totoro film!)

3. I made the Totoro pins out of hand pressed wool felt I bought from my favourite yarn shop in Victoria (Knotty by Nature). Although you can't find such amazing felt squares in my town, I recently found out that my crafty pal Caroline is opening up her very own wool shop in Kamloops this September! She has even asked me to make a few wool themed illustrated goodies to sell in her shop (which I am so excited for)! Yipee! More consignment selling opportunities and inspiration for a new line of products!

Speaking of Kamloops...if you're in town come pop by the Artisan's Square at the Farmers Market today between 8 and 12 and say Hi! I'll be there peddling my wares and always love to see some friendly faces! Oh and what did you think about the three tales post? Do you have one to share?


  1. Oh so fun! BTW my lovely Totoro is the guardian of the mail key!

  2. Another wonderful project. Keep up the good work.