Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A wonderful day for mail!

Despite the unpleasantness the almost month long postal strike Canadians have suffered from, it does mean a boatload of mail now that the post is back and running! In fact - today may have been the best mail day ever! Check out the pile of parcels I got the joy of waking up to:

All those online purchases of crafty supplies and mustard tights (yes I broke down and bought some) I've been waiting for are trickling in making each morning just like xmas when I open the front door! Even more exciting are the super awesome prizes that are arriving from Freckled Nest's May giveaway! I got four of them in yesterday's parcel pile and after taking them out of their envelopes I discovered that they were even beautifully packaged:

I do love seeing how other people wrap their handmade goods! Take a peek at the fun items I received:

*Swoon!* Aren't they amazing?! What a generous bunch of ladies to participate in the giveaway and what a ridiculously lucky girl I am to get them! Above you can see the gray ruffle necklace from Pretties by Meg, an adorable little ceramic whale (who is now living with my tea pots in my glass kitchen cupboards) from My Happy California, Two fun suede necklaces from Tumbleweed's Oddities, and a vintage enamel flower brooch from Adalou! I also got a charming little vintage tea pot from Ashley Krogmen Designs that is fitting in perfectly with my tea pot collection (and apparently is a little camera shy). Ah! I am just bubbling over with joy from all the wonderful packages and can't wait to work each and every item into my daily life!

As for the craft supplies I also received - no peeking at those yet! I've been crafting up a storm preparing for consignment sales (woo hoo! Kelowna shop Funktional and the Kamloops Art Gallery are stocked up yet again!) and now that those are out of the way it is time to prepare for another Artisan's Square Market this Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market! That's right - I'll be peddling my wares yet again this week and I sincerely hope I get to see some of you there! Hopefully the mail will keep pouring in this week since I have half the supplies to make a few projects and still need the other parts - a slight downfall of ordering parts from different suppliers. Alas, I did some ring bases in though so I'll be sure to have loads of those to show off this weekend! Yay!

So what do you think? Are you as excited about mail as I am? Do you love buying online and playing the "wait for post" game? Is there anything more wonderful than a doorstep of goodies? (Well...if there is I certainly can't think of it....)


  1. Such adorable things:) Whales AND owls AND daisies! *lovelovelove*

  2. Wow - so many nice things in packages! I love the owl and the flower! ^_^ I recently ordered a bunch of American crochet magazines, and so now I keep urgently checking the mailbox to see if they've come! (Not yet!)

  3. You got some good stuff! I love it when I get mail. Even if it's something I ordered and was expecting. It's still so exciting! :)