Saturday, July 9, 2011

A yeti kind of day.

Ack! Note to self: do not pull a day road trip to a wedding in Kelowna after less than two hours sleep without planning tomorrow's blog post first. It was an amazingly fun time though! Now I will be spending the day recovering from an epic long Friday. How are you spending your Saturday? Anything yeti related perhaps? Bonus points will be rewarded for creativity...


  1. I'm taking some transfiguring potion to turn into a yeti as there is no other way I will be able to cross London in order to go for dinner with friends.

  2. I will looks for yetis in Salmon Arm and Blind Bay and let you know if I see any.

  3. In your honor, I'll be listening to this:

    pure awesome.

  4. I listened to my yeti friend tell me all about how her life is full of lollipops, rainbows, unicorns, Jurassic Park theme music (yay!) and free stuff in Victoria. Also, really neat Murphy beds. Oh, did I say yeti? I meant sister :)

    (I did get my ankle chewed on by a pint sized baby yeti named Jean, who is currently napping and/or planning world domination/trips to visit her Aunt in the cool shopping capital of the universe. Hopefully you'll do 4+ hours of window shopping daily while you're there to prepare for a visit!)