Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ten Tea Cozy Thursday

Just in case you missed this lovely post by Meet Me At Mikes, let me sum it up for you: tea cozies are awesome. Check out the super sweet free online tutorials you can chose from:

Mmm! Aren't they just wonderful? I love the giant pom pom (go figure) on the union jack cozy and that pink and red one near the top looks just like the one Leslie made for me! How fun! Since I'm not a pro knitter looks like I'll have to stick to the crochet one (being that big granny square red and maroon one in the right center)! Speaking of crochet have you seen this lovely pin from my crafty pinterst board?:

Nothing like a crafting and M.C. Hammer reference to cheer up your Thursday! Now to stick those tutorials in the back of my to do list for the fall! Which is your favourite?


  1. I like the pink and green one in the middle... I think it could be a crochet one, too? I've recently crochetted a beanie that looked very much like it (sans the pink flowers).

  2. I like the owl and the pussy cat!
    The owl and the pussycat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat
    With -oh- I can't remember the next line -
    .... andplenty money tied up in a ten pound note
    Nope the memory is getting old.

  3. I like the owl and pussycat, too, but I think the green rib knit one with the pink flowers is the coolest. I'll have to bookmark those tutorials! Tea cozies are awesome! Also, thanks for putting the day of the week in your post. Now that Neal is off work for the summer, I no longer have any idea what day of the week it is. Maybe your posts will help me remember when to watch True Blood!

  4. I love the owl cozy - but I'd need to work out a way to crochet it ...

    And the middle right pink & red one is the pattern I used for my last cozy! Though you wouldn't really know ... the shape of my teapot was quite strange so they look very different! ^_^

    I love Crazy Newt's idea for an MC Hammer tea cozy!

    STOP ...

    it's tea time. ~_^