Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Find: Krust

There's nothing quite like a shop full of clutch bags to perk up a Friday and Etsy shop Krust has quite the selection to chose from! Check out my personal fav that not only hits on my love for bags, but also my obsession with doilies and teal!

Isn't it spectacular!? Oh, and if you aren't a turquoise fan they've got them in a plethora of other awesome colours. But if you're anything like my sister (who hasn't jumped on the doily trend train) then not to worry, Krust has loads of other amazing purses to chose from too:

Ruffles, hearts, and herringbone? Oh my! I really the use of neutral grays in the ruffle and heart bags and that envelope style clutch is just wonderful! What a great design! Now all I have to do is wipe the drool off and start saving. What do you think? What is your favourite?


  1. Love that turquoise doily bag! It's so cute. Wonder how you make clutch bags? Hmmm. You've given me too many great craft ideas recently...

  2. Thank you for this lovely showcase of my bags here. It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy to see my work being shown by fellow bloggers and handmade fans. <3

  3. I love the top one so much, too! Thanks for sharing this awesome shop. I'm off to shop... ;)