Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Pinteresting...

Just in case I haven't convinced you of how awesome Pinterest is, here are a few projects I found on the site that I'm totally in love with. They also happen to be projects I've been chatting with the girls from work about so it is a great opportunity to round them up for a future craft night together! Ready? Let's go!

Project #1 - Bathtub "tea"

This fun DIY from radmegan is just up my alley! One night Alanna, Hetty, and I were talking about how much we love the smell of lavender earl gray tea and were discussing the possibility of using it to scent your bath. We're all big believers in bath time being the ultimate in stress relief and this project suits that perfectly.

There isn't actually any tea in Megan's tutorial (just tea like sewn silk bags) so it does make me wonder if bathing in tea might stain your skin (if you didn't already know I am quite pale and my skin is prone to discolouration). On the plus side studies have shown that caffeine helps reduce cellulite so maybe a wee bit of skin tinting would be worth it if it helped smooth out some thigh lumps (okay, so this is pretty unlikely but I like to dream)!

The bathtime tea from this tutorial include epson salts, lavender, and other nice smelling flower petals all sewn into little bags. I really love the little heart detail on the bags and they would make awesome gifts! I also really enjoy the fact that you wouldn't come out of the bath covered in little bits of dried floral crud after a stress relieving bath soak because all the scented loveliness is all contained! Hooray!

Project #2 - Upcycled men's shirt skirt:

I really like this project since 1) I am always on the lookout for more skirts to wear, 2) it is an upcycling project letting me reduce, reuse, and recycle, and 3) it gives me an excuse to go thrift shopping! This project caught my eye after Sarra was telling me about how she was looking for ideas for reusing some of her husband's old dress shirts. I do have one skirt that I've been holing on for such a sewing project but I think I'd like to try this one with a thrift store buy before committing to cutting up my amazing swapped plaid number. It is an awfully cute project though and Blue Babes Create's blog gives great step by step instructions with loads of images! Sweet!

Project #3 - Coconut whipped cream:

The idea of this last pin makes my mouth water! It is also a fitting project for a whole bunch of work mates including (yes I am listing this):

a) Alanna - lactose intolerant coconut lover
b) Cindy and Annie - two girls that need to experience the fun and excitement of using a hand beater
c) Sarra - someone who is oozing creativity and needs more projects to try out
d) Lindsay (not actually a work mate, but ex-work mates count too right?) - someone who is currently on a "no dairy, no wheat, no raw fruit or veg" diet and clearly needs some sort of delicious treat to try after putting up with that

I had no idea you could whip coconut milk but next time I'm at the grocery store I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to pick up a can. Nutty Kitchen's instructions are super simple too. Just get a can of milk, leave it in the fridge overnight, and then in the morning scoop off the top creamy layer and whip it up with a little vanilla and cinnamon! Yum!

So what do you think? Are any of these projects calling to you? Which is your fav?


  1. I love the shirt-skirt idea <3 more skirts, yey!(:

  2. I like the shirt idea, too, but I think I'd need a really BIIIIG shirt to get it as poofy as the one in the picture, which would end up making me feel bad about my big bum...

    I've eaten the stuff off the top of coconut milk before (in the North, you don't need to stick it in the fridge overnight - just the counter will do!), but I hadn't thought of adding some vanilla. Great idea?

    I like the bath "tea" too - it might save the drain from getting clogged with mint leaves :)

  3. I don't know what to say. I don't wear skirts and use real whipping cream And I am not in the bath long enough to infuse it with lavender. Is that why you want some lavender from my garden?