Thursday, July 21, 2011

Terrarium! part II!

If you're a regular scientific culture blog reader I'm sure you've heard me talk about how much I love terrariums. After over a year of collecting jars and dreaming wildly about my future mossy creations, I finally got around to make a few terrariums of my own (you can read about them here)! Since all things are better in groups of three than two, I picked up a larger jar (inspired by Sarra's amazing jar filled pantry I saw last week at her Harry Potter party) to join my terrarium pair! Let's take a peek at the finished trio:

OoOo! I haven't managed to kill them yet! And what are those colourful delights in there? Hmm...let's take a closer look:

Ho! Looks like some dino friends came to live in their very own prehistoric mossy wonderlands! Boy do they ever look at home too - check out this close up in my thrifted terrarium jar:

Yay! I am so happy with how they turned out and although I can't see a ton of root growth from the moss species I planted they are still green so let's hope that means they are going to survive in their new homes! I also didn't get around to painting the dinosaurs gold (which I still hope to do one of these days) but they looked so lonely in their dish that I thought they'd prefer a mossy spot to relax. Don't they look happy in there?:

Boy! I am super pleased with the trio of terrariums I managed to whip up and here's hoping I continue to enjoy them (without killing them) for many years to come! What do you think of them? Anyone else out there dinosaur'd up their own house plants? It could be the hot new thing! Hooray for trend setting!


  1. If I had house plants and the Peanut was willing to part with any of her dinosaur collection I'd have a lavish Jurasic/Triassic wonderland. Of course if I ever did the plants might just get mauled to smithereens while she played with the dinos and plants together.

    I love your dinos just the way they are, the bright splashes of colour are perfect

  2. Those dinos are so cute in there!

  3. Love the dinos - don't think they need to get their hair dyed at all really. I have an exciting new addition to my collection - the yeti badge arrived! Really impressed how quick the post was. Thank you!

  4. Ah, you terrariums are so lovelyyy! I want to make one! With dinos too! Or little ponies! ♥

  5. They look great! I think the bright coloured dinosaurs look very happy in there ^_^

  6. I have my jar and I should be planting this weekend. Wish me luck! Your are gorgeous.