Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kate's Spam Filter

Pinterest has taken over my internet life. As my (non computer based) life gets busier and busier I find that my blog following becomes too much to handle! Sure I can spare a few minutes here and there to read a few posts but once I skip a day my unread blog post list jumps to almost 500! After this past weekend of illness (meaning lots of sleep and not much else) I had a daunting 879 blog posts to catch up on! Youch! Enter Pinterest to the rescue! A wonderful site full of crafty and outfit inspiration that I can check with just a glance! Hooray! One of my favourite Pinterest boards I turn to when I'm in need of some eye candy? Lindsay's most wonderful "Kate's Spam Filter" pin board! Instead of an inbox full of "hey I saw this cool thing you should check out" emails she can just add the picture (and link) to the board and I can check it at my leisure! How fabulous! There are even a few themes developing on the board (and I am here to list them off for you):

1) Craft projects involving items I am obsessed with. Doilies, pom poms, chevron stripes, geometric shapes, and pyrex here I come! Just look at these neat pyrex dish lights for the kitchen:

2) Geeky images. Whether it be comic book, star trek, or star wars related - Lindsay continues to find gems that I always fall in love with (and then usually drag my geeky boyfriend Fraser in to check out too). I totally want this lego storm trooper and kitties print for my craft room wall:

3) Hilarious randomness. Linds is the best at finding ridiculously funny quotes and pictures that bring a tear to my eye. Perhaps our sense of humour isn't easily understood by most people - but Lindsay is one person who gets me. For example:

and finally...
4) Cats. Lots of cats. Adorable, adorable cats! Hooray!

Weren't those fun? Don't you wish you had your very own personal pinterest friend to find amazing images for you to check out? Well, I clearly don't have the time to volunteer but you can always follow my spam filter board or any of my boards in the meantime. If you still haven't taken the plunge into the most inspirational site of all time - let me know! Send me your email and I'll hook up you with an invite! Yay!


  1. I love that picture of the guy laughing at grass ^_^ And now I'm following you on Pinterest! Yay for being a kinda creepy internet stalker! ^_^

  2. This seems a bit weird, commenting on a post that is about me and pinterest. Not as weird as all the new followers I have. The pressure is on now.

  3. Haha! This is pretty funny. I know how you feel about the blogs piling up. I love to read so many of them but I can't keep up when I'm really busy.

    btw...the grass picture made me laugh out loud. Hilarious!!!