Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time to plant!

For some reason the inspiration to finish projects I've been sitting on hits me in the evening. Sure it is great to cross things off my crafty to do list, but it also means that there isn't much natural light available and picture taking (for blog purposes) is out of the question. *Sigh* Looks like you can see my "day after I did the project" pictures instead! So what have I actually managed to do lately you ask? Plant things! More specifically - steal plants from my parents and then plant them! Haha! Let's take a look:

Plant project #1 - Lavender!

I've been talking about harvesting my mom's lavender for some time now (well, maybe not on the blog, but I've been talking to her about it) and I figured since I am moving this fall I might as well start my own lavender garden. No better way to get that on the go than to go up to my parents house and dig a bit of a plant out! It turned out to be much more difficult than I had expected (I think I wanted a plant that was on a bed of rocks) so I had to get my mom and dad to help (yay for awesome parents)! Then it was just a matter of gathering some drainage rocks and a little potting soil and voila! Lavender plant in cute yellow pot! So far she seems to be doing quite well in her pot (lavender plants should be girls right?) and I just need to come up with a name! Any suggestions?

Plant project #2 - Terrarium! Finally!

The moss I collected from by the dumpster at work and the back alley at our house didn't really make it so last Saturday when Fraser and I were visiting my parents at the cabin I took a detour into the brush and got all sorts of moss varieties! Just check out that image above! There are a good five types of moss in there (can you see them all?)! Next I just had to take my shopping bag of greenery home and then whip out my rocks, activated carbon, and potting soil to layer into my sweet glass jars. Tada! Two (yes two!) terrariums:

I bought the little glass jar at a fancy boutique in Kelowna back at about xmas time for $17. Yes it was a bit expensive, but I had been looking for terrarium glass containers for so long I figured I better snap it up while I could find one. The larger one was a thrift store find and much more affordable with its $2 price tag. Lesson to be learned here: buy more stuff at thrift stores! Let's check out a nice side view of my mossy wonders:

Lovely! You may have noticed the lack of gold dinosaurs in there, but in time. I still need to paint those up and then nestle them into their new mossy homes once their roots have taken. I am pretty excited and proud of my plant accomplishments! What do you think? Any terrarium builders out there?


  1. No terrariums for me, but I am planning on splitting my work plant into a couple of pots. I think a dino would compliment it well.

  2. I made terrariums when I lived at home! That was more than a couple of years age. I imagine I still have the jar as I never seem to throw anything out!

  3. Your terrariums turned out cute! And more dinosaurs please! I think mine might need some sort of cute, small animal too, but they are still pretty cute, I think!

  4. Cute Lavender. How about calling her Persephone? Or, dare I suggest it, Lavender? Hehe. Also, I love your terraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaariums! (Sing terrarium to the tune of Madam Librarian from the Music Man).