Friday, July 1, 2011


Why hello July! Time to bring on the summer heat, craft shows, new playlist, and weddings galore! Also - a very happy bday to Canada too:

Hooray! I spent the whole day running errands, trying to organize for the Artisan Market tomorrow, and whipping up some amazing last minute crafts and totally forgot to prepare a blog post for today. But I will hopefully show you my new items tomorrow assuming I can get my act together this morning before work. If not, even more reason to come see me at the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. You can stop by for some bannock while you're at it. Everyone loves deep fried bread stuff right? What are you excited for this July?


  1. Mmm. Deep fried bread!

    I notice that you've got Perry Como, Peggy Lee, and Ry Cooder on your playlist. Are you becoming decidedly less indie in your old age? I mean, you're pushing 30 and such. I approve!

    Canada is 144 today. Does that make it gross? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH. Hehehe. Heh heh. Yeah.

  2. I know one person who loves bannock - your Dad. It doesn't appeal to me so I won't try it, incase I do like it. P.S I didn't know that incase was on word but the spell check didn't correct me. You learn something new everyday.