Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lavender's new home

As I spend my week frantically (why is it that I am always so frantic?) crafting in preparation for another craft show this Saturday, I thought I'd take a moment and show you the amazing view I have while doing the dishes:

Ah I love the summer sun! I'm sure my row of cacti enjoy it as well and it seems that my lavender plant (who's name is Lavender since the only other suggestion I got from my plant post was Persephone and that just won't do) is still doing well! I originally planned to keep her out of the window because I didn't want her roasting in the Kamloops heat, but so far the weather has been terrible this summer (all rain and wind and mildness - ick!). I guess that is one good thing about a cool summer? I'm not totally sure how my plants will survive this fall when we move to the coast, but I will have a few outdoor flower pots on our deck I am already excited to get working on! Any suggestions for a good climbing vine that can live in 10 degree rainy weather and has roots that won't be sad living in a confined space? Let me know - I need all the gardening tips I can get!


  1. too cute! i wish i had a sunny window to line pots along!

    oh & this shop made me think of you:

  2. I wish I had your gardening abilities... Even my cacti seem to hate me... Oh and one type of plant you simply must have in Victoria.... Succulents! They are the perfect rainy place plant! Kamloops is kinda to dry for them but they are one of my favorite types of plant.